Advice from Coach drivers about trip planning?

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Advice from Coach drivers about trip planning?

Post  JustusK on Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:04 pm

Hello everyone, ran across this forum because I recently planned a large trip at multiple locations in Los Angeles with a group of 50 people. Everything went well, except for a couple incidents that I was hoping you guys, perhaps coach drivers who do tours and multiple stops, may be able to give me some advice on. Note that our bus driver was a bit unprepared for the and very technologically disadvantaged, and I am the type that enjoys being prepared for the unexpected.

1. Most importantly, I found the most difficult part in planning the event was getting everyone back on the bus at the specified time on the itinerary. This caused a total of almost two hours in waiting time out of a 10 hour event. That's a large fraction since a lot of that 10 hours was taken by travelling from point to point as well.

Question: Do you or any group you've driven, have/had a unique idea for getting everyone back to the bus on time?

I've tried: Handing out an itinerary to everyone including arrival and departure times, and placing a local L.A. cab phone number on it stating "If you happen to miss the bus, here's the number to the taxi."

2. For stops where we would spend a lengthy period of time, I found it pretty difficult finding "legal" places around some areas for the bus driver to park. Any tips?

I've tried: Mapping nearby recreation parks and schools where buses normally park for longer periods of time. Asking the driver to find a place to park on her own and return in a couple hours (though I quickly retracted that idea in favor or knowing where the bus would be instead of lost without GPS).

Any courteous and wise out there?
Thank you for your time!


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Re: Advice from Coach drivers about trip planning?

Post  Daisy Dart on Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:41 am

This is not really a forum for that sort of thing. While we do have coach drivers on here It's more of a chill out spot for bus drivers, mostly in the UK. Perhaps you should advise your coach/bus driver to try a sat nav??

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