Mayor attacts bus lane scheme

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Mayor attacts bus lane scheme

Post  peanutbutter on Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:15 am

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There more on the web - link with a lot of public commets..

Mayor of Worcester Mike Layland has launched a scathing attack on the creation of a controversial £4 million bus lane in Worcester.

CRITICISED: The new bus lane in Newtown Road. 39100507 CRITICISED: The new bus lane in Newtown Road. 39100507

He said the Newtown Road bus lane has been called “the most pointless exercise that I have ever had the misfortune to witness”.

The bus lane runs through Coun Layland’s Nunnery ward and he said Worcestershire County Council had not listened to his constituents’ concerns and called the whole consultation on the scheme “nothing more than a sham”.

In an explosive letter to traffic management engineer Julian Tipton Coun Layland said: Worcestershire County Council had become “dictatorial”; The scheme is turning out to be nothing like that initially described to residents; Cutting down trees to accommodate part of the bus lane amounted to vandalism; The new traffic lights are so big and bright they are “more at home in a Birmingham suburb than they are in Worcester”; A consultation on traffic regulation orders has not been conducted properly.

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