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Oh he's horrible! Empty Oh he's horrible!

Post  Relaxer on Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:40 pm

On the 29th Sep I started my shift at 2.30 pm. On the 28th I had my 18 year old son 'touring' with me for the day. I'm 5'1 & blond/grey & plain, he's 5'9, very slim & slinky, dark haired & drop-dead gorgeous. His eyes are very beautiful & look like crystallized hazel. Mine are blue & normal. We look nothing like each other physically.

On the 29th I picked up some bloke on the bus who I would describe as a 'big lolloping oaf'. He had a moronic voice & look about him & as he got on he just slammed a load of coins down & demanded to go one way. He sat down & after a few minutes came to the cab & said ' I like ur uniform. Black trowzers & white shirt. Its sexy!' scratch I ignored him & carried on driving. He sat down. A few minutes later he came back up. 'Will yer go out fur a drink wiv me tonight?!' I replied no. I'm not interested, seldom drink, hate pubs & am happily married.

Ten minutes later he said 'I saw yer wiv a young bloke yesterday. You had your arms round each other 'ugging & kissin'. Is 'e yur boyfrind?!

I asked the lolloping thing 'This bloke you saw me hugging & kissing. Is he 5'9, seriously handsome & very slinky?' When 'the thing' said yes I snapped HE'S MY 18 YEAR OLD SON! & I haven't got a 'boyfriend' I have a husband' . I told him out straight I'd rather go out on a date with a rabid Pit Bull! Shocked I then shouted at him that if he don't get off the bus I'll call the police! He was vile, absolutely! He got off & the passengers were killing themselves laughing! He just lolloped off somewhere!


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