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Post  kernowbusman on Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:26 am

First time on the buses!!!

"Come along and drive a bus!!" the advert said. I was living in Bedford and doing agency work on 7.5ton lorries. TBH I was not doing too well, maybe 1 or 2 shifts a week and was looking for a bit of stability. All I had to do was turn up at Bedford bus station on a certain sunday and I would have a chance to drive a bus.

Sunday dawned so I hauled my sorry backside down there first thing in the morning...............well about mid day actually.
After reporting in I was given a simple maths test then I was taken out for a driving assessment. Now I had seen 2 instructors. One was quite jovial and cracking jokes, the other looked really serious and stern.........guess who I got.....Yep, Mr Stern!!!

We then walked out to the yard where I was met with this
Kernowbusman tales Trainingbus
Mr Stern got into the drivers seat and I sat in the "instructors" seat so I could watch what he was doing. After about 10 minutes, bearing in mind he was doing a commentry as he drove so I knew what to do, he announced it was my turn.

I sat myself into the drivers seat and though "ooo, err, this is a bit big........GULP" Anyway, off we went. Manual gearbox as well!! I didn't think I was doing too bad to start, the size wasn't to much of an issue being used to small trucks, and the gears wern't to bad not being a crash box......"sorry what was that?"
Mr Stern repeated the question..."Do you know how to double de-clutch?"..........."!" oh shit, a roundabout
"I'll talk you through it.......just do what I say"
Before I knew it I was through the roundabout and pulling back into the bus station.
"Not bad" said Mr Stern then he walked me back to the office and said "3 weeks"

A quick interview with the depot manager and thats it, I'm offered the job. My mate who came with me said "I don't want a job, I just wanted to drive a bus......I have now, Bye"

Not me though, I was issued some forms to fill in (for my licence) and a date for a medical with the company doctor and a start date for training.

I had started my journey to the dark side!!!!


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Post  2eZero on Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:39 pm

I had my training day on a minibus, then had 1.5 weeks driver training and passed, followed by 2.5 years driving buses before I was evicted from the position. Spent 3 months on the dole, did my LGV/HGV C rigid licence and been trucking since then.

Also done a bit of coach work Wink Which is certainly interesting!


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