Smoking outside is annoying!

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Smoking outside is annoying! Empty Smoking outside is annoying!

Post  Daisy Dart on Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:44 am

Yes, yes I know it's a dirty habit, blah blah blah. But having to smoke outside is annoying. Nothing to do with having to stand out in the cold or getting wet when it's raining. No, the problem with having to stand outside is this. There you all are, huddled together and sharing your filthy habit with your work colleagues. One suddenly decides to tell a dirty joke to cheer things up. But just as he or she gets to the ultra dirty punchline, up wanders some old biddy and pipes in: "excuse me, can you tell me what stand the 65 leaves from?"
This is so damn annoying. They seem to know when the best time is to disturb bus drivers trying to indulge in a laugh or two. Now if laws could be changed so that we could smoke inside, away from the irritation of interrupting old biddies, things would be so much better and filthy jokes could be told until hearts were content!

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