When brains are left at the bus stop!

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When brains are left at the bus stop!

Post  Daisy Dart on Sun May 30, 2010 5:18 am

It does make you wonder if some people do leave their brains behind when they board the bus. Like on one occasion when my ticket machine packed in. To show passengers that it was broken I left it with the lid up. On gets Mr Stupid and asks for a Green Rider. I points at the ticket machine, with it's lid up and explain I can't print tickets at the moment because the machine is broken. I tell him to take a seat and buy a ticket on the next bus he gets on. Just before I gets to the city centre Mr Stupid wants to get off. He comes up to me and asks again if he can have a Green Rider. Now the ticket machine is still sat there, with it's lid up looking very sorry for itself. I says to the guy again that the machine is broken and I can't do any form of ticket. So Mr Stupid stars going off on one. I had to point out to him that he'd just had a free ride into town and that there is nothing stopping him from buying a ticket on the next bus he is getting. I mean why the heck would he think I could print a ticket out when he was getting off, if I couldn't print one when he got on??

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Re: When brains are left at the bus stop!

Post  2eZero on Sun May 30, 2010 7:52 am

Guy gets on the bus, pulls the newspapre that has been shoved into the money shute and dumps his money in and asks for a day ticket.

I waited for his brain to work but it wasn't going to happen and he demanded the ticket

"Why do you think the paper was there"
"I dunno, but I want the ticket"
"Everyone else in front of you have just got on and not put any money in, didn't that strike you as odd?"
"No, I want my ticket"
"Right, well the ticket machine has broken, that was why the paper was there"
"But what am I going to do?"

I didnt know what to do but a few passengers passing him now muttered obscenities to him a they passed for a, holding them up and b, being an idiot.

As it was when we got to town I flagged down a bus coming the other way and got him to print a ticket off for me, he handed it through the side window and we drove off. gave that to the passengers. According to the horns we delayed the traffic by at least 3 seconds.


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